Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jour de pêche (2008)

It is from a French author Laurent Moreau. Do not let the language stop you because there is no text at all - instead, pictorial illustrations throughout the book.

A unnamed man started his day riding his bicycle with his fishing rod and passing through the town where there are different people, children, vehicles, unexpected incidents.

The character cast appear one after another (a lady in a hurry, a postman, a child playing paper plane, a fish truck, a circus track, a curious cat, a girl flying kite, fire engines, sailor, a park...) with highlighted colors - this makes a bit easier to continue the main story while you can weave in many sub-plots. All the characters will have continuity on its own across the pages.

It is in free form - though be prepared to answer all the questions from the kid!

Characters with highlights - the page is alive.

28 pages.

Amazon FR: here
Singapore NLB: Look for 东方娃娃绘本版

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