Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi (1979)

One word to describe this book's story is "mystical". Perhaps that echoes with the way the young children sees and understands the world and the book draws them into it.

The illustration is filled with atmosphere! My son liked the back cover, as it reminded him his grandfather can do the same too. He warmed up to the story immediately.

The story is not very long, simple yet leaves you and the kid without clear answers in the end. What can happen with a boy, a dog, the man (a magician) who smokes, the mysterious garden (as seen from the front cover) on a fine afternoon?

The mysterious garden

The boy taking the nap, the dog too, not knowing an adventure awaits them.

This book is from Chris Van Allsburg and is his earliest work - though it sets his trademark with the highest standard.

Author: Chris Van Allsburg
Illustrator: Chris Van Allsburg
Suitable: Age 4-8 (Kindergarten, some sentences are slightly long for age 4.)
Format: Hard cover
Size: about A4
Pages: 32

Singapore: NLB (keyword: "Garden of Abdul Gasazi")
Amazon: here