Friday, August 20, 2010

The Seeds of Reading

I started some storytelling session for NLB in 2008. This turned out to be really a fruitful journey. The experience of seeing children enjoying a story and sitting curiously for half an hour is simply rewarding. In addition, I dive into different storybooks (most of time my audience is from 4-8). The breadth of books for children is amazing: they can be big in size, brief in length yet not short of depth, they can be in plain sentence yet with delightful meaning, they can have simple storyline yet trigger spellbinding emotion. The illustration is always a crucial element for such books, some are brightly colorful, some are moody, some are minimal (pen and ink), yet they all create captivating imaginations. Most of the time, the books are all full of little details and comforting "twists", not only to children and also as a pleasant surprise to the adult reader.

The children's book speaks to the child in all of us. Sometimes you may recognize some books you happen to read in the childhood - it can be nostalgic!

I read to my son too (he is 3+). I plan to use this web site to register some books I read along the way and some gems that should belong in every library. Every child deserves one of his own library, even starting when he/she is born.